Heads up- The SLAs in your Freshdesk will be changing soon

Hello folks! 

We’ve introduced some new enhancements to the SLA module in your Freshdesk. They’ve gotten a new look as well!

Here’s a short summary of the updates

-You get notified right within Freshdesk for SLA reminders and escalations. No one from your team needs to check their email inboxes for updates anymore :) 


-You can now have SLA policies apply to a segment of customer or companies


-While setting up reminders, Freshdesk warns you if the time to remind agents is higher than the SLA target


-Setting up a precise SLA target  is now straightforward :) 


We'll be moving all Freshdesk accounts to the new SLAs in the next two weeks. All the configurations you've made in your account will stay as is.  

Some of the features here, like SLA reminders and escalations and customer segments, are available from the Estate plan on Freshdesk. If you need help with your plan, just fill out this form and we’ll have your Customer Success manager help you out slightly smiling face 

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That looks great, will definitely help to be more flexible and the menu looks much clearer.

Small question, will we be able to configure a different reminder for each severity? - I see that some extra information is given for a "bad configuration" but not extra menus?

Today our "Urgent" tickets have to be resolved in 8 hours whereas our "Low" priority have 3 months. It's a little limiting that I have to have the same reminder for both is all.

Hello all,

Fine to be abble to specify different SLAs for different customers or companies.

But what about specifiyng 2 SLA policies for a same company, 1 for bug report and another for Question & Assistance, and may be a third one for an other type of ticket (perhaps Product Feedback) ?

Thanks for your answer.


Would like to see 2 more possibilities with the SLA features of Freshdesk.

1. Scoop SLA to custom fields of an organisation. If value of custom field is SLA16 use this SLA, if its SLA15 use the other one and so on.

2. The possibility to turn off the default SLA (meaning there are customers without SLA in the world)

Hi @Anthony, thanks for your feedback! :) Reminders based on severity is a valid question. We don't have plans to implement this at the moment I'm afraid. We'll give this some thought for certain. Meanwhile, have you tried setting up reminders using automations that run on time triggers? You can create two different rules for low and urgent tickets. Something to be careful about- the reminder will be sent will be sent within an hour of the trigger you set-up ( because the rules scan tickets every one hour) 

@Francois, you can create SLAs based on the "type" of issue. Make sure your "type" field has QA, Bug report etc. as options. If the company doesn't matter at all, you'll just have to use the "type" to define SLA. Else, you can use both the company AND the type field as filters. 

@Pedro,  1) You can get that done by creating an SLA for a company segment. A company segment is nothing but a list of companies that match a custom field ( like SLA 15, or SLA16) Here's a guide to help you set it up.  

2) As for removing the default SLA, I'm afraid that's not possible. You could, however, increase the target to a year to make sure you don't see any SLA violations. 

@Durga sadly that does not work, the filter does not show any custom fields. After some testing, it only shows custom fileds that are numbers value. Bugg?

It would be extremely helpful to be able to set static times for the SLA. For example, change to Urgent on Tuesday @ 2pm. We get tickets for many orders with a specific deadline that don't require action within a specific amount of time. That feature would be of enormous benefit to us. 

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