Mobile app Enhancements and Bug Fixes (October'19-February'20)

The Freshdesk mobile app is available for download on both the iOS App Store and on Google Play for Android. We've designed our apps keeping support teams in mind, to help them respond to customers on the go. We’re also constantly working on the apps, building things that make your lives easier.

Here are some enhancements and bug fixes that were rolled out in the past 5 months:




  1. Reverse order now available on the app
    Conversations in tickets are arranged based on the account setting: they’ll either show the oldest message first, or to show the newest message first, like in the web app. Click here to read more about sort order in ticket details.

  2. Showing appropriate groups for field and support agents in the ticket properties and the ticket details page
    Support groups and the respective agents will be listed for support tickets, while service groups and the respective agents will be listed for service tasks. If a group isn’t selected, all field technicians are listed. Field agents won’t be listed for support tickets and vice versa.

  3. iOS app dashboard widgets
    Agents and admins who use the iOS app can add a widget to their iPhones. The widget shows the count of overdue, on hold, unresolved, due today, open and unassigned tickets across all the groups they’re part of. They can add or remove the widget to the “Today view” on iOS. Click here to read about the iOS Today view.

  4. View time logs
    Field technicians are now able to view the time logs list screen. They can tap on the floating action button (in the service task detail screen) to log time and view the create new log screen

  5. View company profile details
    When an agent searches for a company on the mobile app, the company profile is now displayed.


    1. Performance improvement on app launch
    The Android app has a shorter launch time now.

    2. Increased attachment size limit on the app
    The app supports the increased size limit for attachments of 20 MB. An error message will be shown when this limit is exceeded.

    3. Agents can make calls to customers using the native phone dialer
    Agents can place calls directly from the Freshdesk app
    • via the phone dialer, if Freshcaller isn't enabled on their account
    • via Freshcaller if it’s enabled on their account and installed on their device.
    The agent will be taken to the Play Store if Freshcaller is enabled on their account, but not installed on their device.

    4. Agents can copy phone numbers and email addresses with a long press
    Agents can long-press email addresses and phone numbers to copy it to the clipboard from the contacts page.

    5. View company profile details
    Agents can search and view the profile of a company.

    6. The sort conversations order preference from the web app now reflects in mobile app
    Agents on the web app were able to choose between showing the newest conversation at the top or on the bottom. Now, this choice is reflected in the mobile app.

    7. Due date and due time of tickets will be displayed in agent’s timezone
    Due date and due time of tickets will be displayed in Agent’s timezone and not in helpdesk timezone.



1. “https” issues in canned responses
Agents were facing issues while trying to insert a canned response that had an “https:” link. An extra “https:” was added to the link on the app, making it invalid. This is fixed.

2. The text input area got hidden on smaller devices by CC & BCC
On smaller devices (like the iPhone SE) the expanded header (which displays the CC and BCC recipient fields) would cover half of the screen. When agents tried responding to the ticket, the keyboard would cover the rest of the screen. This prevented agents from scrolling or responding to the ticket. This is fixed.

3. The priority button was hidden when a long status was selected
When agents changed the status of a ticket to any long custom status (with a lot of characters) the priority button would disappear. This is fixed.

4. The send button was hidden on inserting canned responses/solution articles
When agents inserted a solution article/canned response, the reply button would get hidden. This is fixed.

5. Issues on expanding long conversations
When an agent expands a long conversation, it was causing UI issues with the button that expanded the conversation. This is fixed.

6. Editing date type ticket field throws an error

 If the agent tried to update the date type ticket field, an error was displayed ‘It should be a valid date in the 'yyyy-dd-mm' . This is fixed now.


 7. App crashed on selecting 'Post as' option in twitter replies 

 When the agent selects ‘Post as’ option while replying to any twitter ticket, the app crashes. This is fixed now.

 8. App crash on tapping the reply/add note/forward buttons
When agents tapped on reply/add note/forward in a ticket, the app would crash, restart, and go back to the previous screen. This was only happening for accounts with a large number of agents. This is fixed.

 9. Private notes and automations:
When a private note is added to a ticket via an automation rule, agents were unable to open those tickets on the Android app.

10. “Something went wrong” message displayed on opening the app
The message “something went wrong” was displayed for some agents on opening the app. This is fixed.

11. The response options got hidden on deleting certain conversation in a ticket
The response options (reply, add note, forward) in a ticket would get hidden when certain conversations in the ticket were deleted. This is fixed.

12. “Access denied” displayed for agents with access
When agents tried to view tickets or company details, they would sometimes see the “access denied” screen on the mobile app. However, the same agents were able to view these details on the web app. This is fixed.


1. Unable to log into FreshDesk App using SSO
The agents were unable to login to the app using SSO. This is fixed now.

2. App crashes frequently
App crashes frequently when notifications are received or when a ticket is accessed from the notifications screen. This is fixed now.

Cheers! :)

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