iparams issue

Hello, There I'm a new app developer in Freshdesk app. I was using iparam for getting some credentials for my new app. Since, I'm newbie I'm facing some weird problems. The problem is when I try to get the all iparams using <%= iparam.app_id %> my api is working but the link where it's passing the credential it's showing me "null" which is pretty much annoying. which looks like this:


And when I tried to get those in another way like client.iparam.get().then(function(data){...}); inside the app.initiated() block it gives me an error like app.js:1618 Uncaught (in promise) TypeError: Cannot read property 'get' of undefined at initGetIparam(). However, when I send those seperately for example. client.iparam.get("client_id").then({ console.log(data.client_id);}); it give me the value of that "null" value which is in the iparam. Sorry, for my silly question since I'm totally new to this api. I hope someone from the community can enrich my poor knowledge on this matter. Thanks a lot.  

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