Verify email


I have verified quite a few emails recently for different email addresses for inbound emails to the help desk.

These have all worked flawlessly.

However, I have one email address that doesnt want to verify!  It seems the actual verification email is not being delivered to the mailbox.

I have tested the email box and it is receiving emails fine from other sources.


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Same here.

Fresh desk support helped me out with this one. Not quite sure what they did but they said they fixed it for me and they did.

Fix confirmed: as soon as I read your message I tried and it worked. Thanks. No updates from freshdesk tho.

Hello there!

Apologies for the delay in response. I believe this has been resolved by our support team @Miles and glad to know it worked for you as well @Claudio. Please feel free to write to anytime and we would be happy to help!