How does the Thank you Detector work?

 Is there a need to train it?

The results I'm getting are very much hit and (mostly) miss - just had a customer responding simply with "Thanks!". According to the activities log, Freddy didn't even run a check. It did so previously on the same ticket, and did not detect a Thank you note.

Also: Is there a list view or something that shows all the Tickets that are still Closed or Resolved but Freddy didn't re-open because it did detected a Thank you note? Ie, how do I check for false positives?

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Hello Markus,

Freddy will keep a ticket closed only if it is highly confident. That is, it has to be at least 90% confident. 

Also, Freddy keeps learning from the following events : 

1) When an agent manually reopens a ticket after Freddy kept it closed - This is a feedback that similar tickets should be reopened in the future.

2) When an agent closes a ticket that Freddy reopens -  This is a feedback that such tickets should remain closed in the future.

Please use this link to check out Freddy's confidence level to keep a ticket open or closed. 

Also, I hope you have configured the thank you detector as mentioned in this article by modifying the Observer rule. 

You could create a custom ticket list view that shows all your closed and resolved tickets by using only the status filter and then saving that view. By doing so you can keep an eye on your closed or resolved tickets. 

Please write to if you have any issues or queries and we'll help you get it sorted.