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What are the other tools you've been using to collaborate with your fellow agents/co-workers? At Freshworks we recently moved all our communications to Slack. This in addition to the Workplace (by facebook) to slightly generic and broader discussions :). Additionally, we've been big fans of Gsuite products to help us collaborate better. 

Does your tool stack look similar? Are you using a tool/process that enhanced the way you work in your team/org? Any new kid in the block you like to call out?

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Enabling your team to collaborate on tasks is one of the best ways to improve their abilities in providing fast and effective service. But since I lead a support team, I’ll talk about collaboration from that standpoint Here are a few collaboration tools that have helped out in increasing my support team’s productivity.

1. Trello

Trello is a free project management tool that I use to create separate boards for different workflows, as well as individual ‘cards’ for tasks within those boards.

If you’re not ready to invest in a paid tool, Trello is a great starting point for any support team. You can use it to:

– Manage your personal to-do list

– Brainstorm ideas

– Collaborate with cross-functional teams

2. Freshconnect

We use a Freshconnect integration along with Freshdesk. Using Freshconnect, you can start discussions with anyone you work with inside the relevant ticket and solve issues within the ticket.

Cross-team collaborations like getting a third-party vendor or a technical account manager to help out support agents resolving a ticker.

– Discussions are tied to the ticket so they’re easily accessible

– No more copy-pasting to bring someone up to speed. They can access all the messages and the associated context

– Reduces collaboration complexity and effort

3. Slack

We’ve been using slack for internal communications too and it’s one of the best collaboration tools with seamless integrations.

Many remote teams also treat Slack as a sort of “virtual office,” and also have non-work-related channels to catch up and chat during downtime.

Apart from messaging your coworkers to discuss work, here’s a bunch of other cool stuff that you can do using Slack:

– Set reminders which can be activated by simply typing /reminder

– Star a message to create a to-do list

– Add apps such as Dropbox, Google Calendar, and Donut

4. Teamviewer

Teamviewer provides instant remote access to other devices. Being a powerful integration, its distinguished features won over many hearts. 

For instance, it makes the job easy of IT and other support teams to remote access customers’ software to resolve issues they might be facing.

– Easy to use

– Instant audio/ video connection

– Allows file transfer

– Can be integrated with support software like Freshdesk

– Mobile and desktop versions

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