Introducing 'Archive Ticket fields' and a refreshingly new Ticket fields page

We are super excited to announce the launch of Archive ticket fields. We have also revamped the design of the existing ticket fields page in Freshdesk. 

Archive Ticket fields: 

Currently, when an admin deletes a ticket field, it is not possible to retrieve it by themselves, leading to

  • Impact on configurations like Automation rules, SLA, etc.,
  • Data loss for the customer 

When you delete a ticket field and want to retrieve it, usually you gotta reach out to Freshdesk support, and we raise an L2 ticket to retrieve the lost ticket field. However, there are chances of data loss and this process is time consuming. 

With this new update, support admins and supervisors can archive ticket fields and retrieve them whenever needed. The behavior of an archive will be very similar to that of a delete, except for the fact that it can be retrieved later. 

Note: Archiving ticket fields will still impact configurations like automation rules, SLA, reports, etc. When you unarchive the ticket field, you will restore them in the same position as when they were archived from a ticket form or automation. 

You can read more about archive ticket fields here. 

With the new Ticket Fields UI,  we have made it easier for admins and supervisors to bulk upload values into the drop-downs and dependent fields. 

We have started rolling this update in batches and are planning to enable it to all Freshdesk accounts by this week.  

Please refer to this article to know everything about modifying custom ticket fields with the new revamp

Please feel free to post your queries so that we can help you further.

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Hi Ashik,

I've been waiting for the bulk upload feature for custom fields, which is mentioned in your post, but cannot see this in our account (on the Estate (classic) plan). Also, will this be available for custom company fields as well (where we need it), or just for ticket fields?



Can I have this batch? Our account is 

Hello Michael, Vladimir, 

We are enabling it for Estate and Forest accounts next week and it should be available in your accounts by then. :) 

@Michael: With this update, you will be able to bulk update the custom dropdown and dependent ticket fields. We have customer fields bulk update feature in our roadmap and shall keep this thread posted when we pick it up. 

I got all excited when I saw this, but then I realized it was for freshdesk. We use freshservice. Hope there will be some new UI to the new ticket page in freshservice as well because this looks great! Great job!

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