Missing Tickets

Hi, we have customers sending their request to our support email on Freshdesk and the tickets have not been created. It is very strange some tickets get through while some never got created in our system. Can someone help with this? Now we're very worried about missing customer requests.

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Hi Kate,

There are a few steps that need to be checked for this issue:

1. Go to Tickets tab > click on the view name at the top of the page > select the Spam folder > check if the ticket is present here. If so, restore the ticket > click on the Activities at the top right corner and check if there are any automations(Dispatch'r etc) that have worked on the ticket. If not, click on the contact's name displayed to the right of the ticket > check if the contact is deleted. Restore the contact and all future emails from the contact will come through as tickets. 

2.  If the 'From' and 'To' addresses of the email is the same, it will not get created as a ticket in Freshdesk. The same applies if the 'Reply-to' and 'To' addresses are the same. 

3. If you are in the Estate or Forest plan, please check if you have enabled Helpdesk Restriction (only emails from specific domains can be created as tickets). Move to Admin > Helpdesk and scroll down to check the same. If you have chosen 'Users from whitelisted domains', change it to 'Users from any domain' and save the changes.

If the missed emails does not fall under these steps, please drop in an email to with the email headers for that email from the mailbox.