New enhancements to social channels: Facebook dark posts and Twitter influencers!

We have made some exciting updates to our facebook and Twitter channels in Freshdesk:

Unpublished or dark posts support - Facebook

The ad campaigns you run in Facebook are referred to as dark posts or unpublished posts as these posts do not get listed in you page's timeline. With the latest update in Freshdesk, the comments you get in these ad posts will automatically be converted into tickets. Agents can reply to these tickets in Freshdesk, and these replies will be published as replies in the appropriate threads in Facebook.

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Identifying influencers - Twitter

Twitter, as a support channel, has always been about instant customer engagement and providing swift resolutions. However, some of your customers might be influencers in Twitter, and a delay in response to these customers might affect your brand reputation to a greater extent. 

So, in order to help you identify such profiles, we have introduced fields in the contact creation page to capture the contact's Twitter follower count and if the account is verified by Twitter.

How does this help you? You can set up automations to prioritize tickets for such contacts and provide them high-priority support.

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Please leave your feedback in the comments below, and we'll be more than happy to address them!

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