Introducing Customer Segments in Freshdesk Knowledge Base

Hello everyone,

We're happy to announce the extension of Customer Segments in Freshdesk to our Knowledge Base. 

You can create segments based on your business needs - on the lines of regions, products purchased, subscription plans, support tiers or any other available attributes.

With the introduction of customer segments in Knowledge Base, you can now create content and grant access to the required set of customers to provide a personalized experience.

Give it a try and share your valuable feedback. You can read more about customer segments here

- Sajesh

Hi, I'm glad to see this new feature. Could you please enable it on my account asap ? Is this a beta version or production one ? Tks and regards

Hi Nicolas, the feature is already rolled out and it should be available in your account now. Please check and confirm. You can read more about customer segments here

I do not see this available in our account. Is this another example of long time Estate subscribers not getting the newest functionality available on the estate plans? If you are going to continue this practice, I would like to see what is and is not available to long time Estate subscribers vs New estate subscriptions.

Effectively being a long term Estate subscription we have lost the ability to see what functionality our money is paying for.

Can this ability be expanded to the Category level as opposed to just at the Folder level?   At this time, the Category level only allows for visibility via Portal, I would like to be able to use Customer Segments to control the visibility at the Category level for a more streamlined and better controlled environment.

Hi Michele, thanks for sharing your requirements. I understand that you would like to set the segment visibility at the category level rather than the folder level. However, when you set the visibility for all the folders under the same category, the entire category would work on that visibility. To make that process easier, you can simply bulk select folders and set the visibility. 

You just need to go to the two-pane view either by clicking on the 'Manage' button or the required category from the Knowledge Base home page. Select all the folders within a specific category or choose the required folders, click on 'Visible to' and choose Contact/Company Segments. You will see the option to select the required segments from the list. 

Note: You can either choose to add to the existing saved list of segments or replace/override them with the new list of segments.  

Let us know whether this works!

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