Update on the 'Assign To' field


Based on the feedback we've received so far, we've split the 'Assign To' field into two separate fields 'Group' and 'Agent' to ensure better visibility. This change is live across all pages except for the card view (ticket list page).

The idea behind the change was:

1. To ensure that the tickets get assigned to the right agents who belong to the group
2. Better visibility - the group and agents names wouldn't be truncated since they're two different fields now

As always, we'd love to hear your feedback. Please drop a note here or write to us on support(at)freshdesk(dot)com!


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It would be way better to have the columns split here too! We are a rather small company and are not too interested in the group field, so we would like to move that one more to the right. This way, it takes up a lot of space. 

Other than that, we are happy with the changes you are doing latelty


I don't like being 'that guy', however we preferred it the way it used to be – you've now added an extra click to the process of changing group and agent. I fear this will result in more tickets being assigned to an agent without a group, which will cause us to lose tickets in the system.

@Fabio, The change was intentional. Since the group and the agent fields are inter-related, we didn't want to allow moving these columns separate as there is a chance that you might miss out on updates if any of the values get modified. I understand that in your case, you don't use the group field and so the column takes up some additional space. We'll see if we can allow these columns to be moved separately within the table view.

@Cameron, Even with the previous component, a ticket can be assigned to an agent without selecting a group. With this change, we've made sure that the validation kicks in when an agent is selected and doesn't assign it to them if they're not part of the group. I understand your point about adding an extra click - Do you think moving the focus on to the agent field as soon as a group is selected will help in some way?


Thank you for the reply. Eventually it would help already to invert the order (even if it does not make sense for big companies I guess)... I have colleagues that have always had size issue of the table, to the information is suddently too big and it cuts out the important part of the name

This is causing us more problems than the original way did. We don't use the group field at all, and now that it counts as a separate column for table view, we're unable to see one of the custom columns we had created due to the cap on columns that will display. Can the cap on columns displayed be changed, or can the group and agent column be changed to separate for display purposes? 


The change to split Group and Agent is a good one.  The real issue is the inability to resize the columns in the table view.  Splitting the fields adds an additional column that can not be hidden and this causes less fields to be displayed with out scrolling right or left.  It is not ideal to have to scroll left or right when all the data will fit on the screen if the columns were able to be hidden and resized. 

The optimal table view is one that user can control the visible fields and widths that are displayed in the table view.  Can you please add column resizing like in the FreshService table view?



Yes, we need to be able to move and/or hide these new columns separately from each other when using table view. In fact, ALL columns in table view should be moveable/hideable and able to be resized to fit our screens. Not everyone has the same size monitor, some need to zoom in order to read the screen (for accessibility), and some have many custom fields that need to display in a certain order. Table view should be customizable.

@Fabio @Shawn, This is something that we'll definitely ponder about - allowing you to customise the columns (Group and Agent) separately so that you can remove the 'Group' column if it's something that you don't use regularly. I'll update this thread once I have some information to share with you.

@Jason, Thank you. Column resizing has been one of the top voted requests with respect to the table view of tickets. Our team is working on standardising the experience across Freshworks suite of products and this is something that'll soon be made available in Freshdesk as well. 


@Carla, Agreed. I'd like the table view to automatically render the columns based on the screen resolution and also give you the ability to resize columns if needed. We're definitely moving towards it and I'll update this thread once I have something to share with you.


Indeed, This is something that we'll definitely ponder about - allowing you to customise the columns (Group and Agent) separately so that you can remove the 'Group' column if it's something that you don't use regularly. I'll update this thread once I have some information to share with you.

This is helpful for our estate instance.

We utilize groups heavily and we kept having agents update the group accidentally which would often take the ticket outside of their access. Resulting in them having to ask someone to locate ticket and update group to allow them access.

Now agents can update the group of ticket more confidently.

@Krishna, This is something that we've been hearing from other users as well. There's no challenge in splitting them in the 'edit columns' section but we were cautious in trying to avoid the unnecessary confusions that might arise . Since these fields are inter-related, there might be some confusion over the data if they are separated or if one of them gets hidden.

@Alex, Glad that you're liking the change! What you've mentioned is one the main reasons why we decided to split these fields :)


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