SLA policy business hours

I can choose only business hours or calendar hours in SLA policy. How add other hours or my business hours? I have added a profile with business hours. I can't choose it from the menu shown in the attachment.

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@Lukasz, my understanding of the business hours in the SLA's, is that it's connected to the group that gets assigned to a ticket. I.e. you can connect different business hours to different groups, and then depending on what group you assign a specific ticket to, the business hours for that group will get applied.

You can read more in this article:

Hope it helps!

// Marcus

Hello Lukasz!

As @Marcus mentioned, you can associated different business hours configured with different groups in your helpdesk. Whilst, the SLA policy can be set up in such a way that it would work either on Business hours or Calendar hours. Refer to this link to get detailed insights on the same. 

Cheers! :)