Live -> Freshcaller integration with some nifty updates!


We've enhanced the Freshdesk <> Freshcaller integration with a refreshing new layout and some additional features. Here's a quick glimpse of what we've in store for you!

1. Linking a Freshcaller account has never been this easier. With the improved list page, you can quickly connect any of your existing Freshcaller accounts or create a new one.

2. Temporarily turn off the integration during your lean support times, without losing any configurations. Not just that, you can also delink an existing account in case you want to build this from scratch.

3. Manage your agents' access to Freshcaller, all from the comfort of your Freshdesk account.

4. Never miss out on any details. You can opt to create a ticket during the call and fill in all the information right away, without having to juggle between tabs.

We'd love to hear any feedback you have! You can write a note here or email us on support(at)freshdesk(dot)com.


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This looks great! Will you still be able to execute a scenario with this new 'Create new ticket' window?

Another feature that would benefit us a lot is to have the option to enforce ticket creation after each call.

Thanks for the feedback @Jessica. We've imagined the ticket creation window as a replica of the '+New ticket' option, but we're curious to know how executing scenarios can help here as all the ticket properties might not exist at the time of creation.

We do have plans to bring in the functionality at a later point in time, but we'd also love to pick your brains on why and how you would envision the automatic ticket creation process after each call. 


Hi Aravind, hope you are good. My display in Admin, Phone option is not the same as yours. Could you please check on my account if things goes well? Thanks in advance.

@Nicolas, We haven't rolled out these changes to all accounts. You'll start seeing these changes in your admin pretty soon :)



We've rolled out all changes except the slider approach for creating new tickets. You can read more on how to setup the integration here.



i believe there needs to be more configuration options when it comes to this integration like:

-the ability to turn on and off what auto generates a ticket. an example is for us in fresh service, i do not want a ticket to be generated for every abandoned call. while I do have a rule on now to autodelete them, it looks bad and confuses our agent when they see one new ticket, but its just an abandoned call. if you can make multiple settings that would be a huge benefit to alot of companies

-i would like any voicemail regardless of minimal length to generate a ticket WITH the transcribed voicemail and the audio file. since this date is already in freshcaller I dont see why it cant come over to fresh service


this is what it looks like for an agent. this was an abandoned call that autogenerated a ticket. when the agent clicks on it nothing happens because it was autodeleted

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