Intra-team communications

In many customer facing teams (support, customer success) act as the liaison between customers, and all the internal teams like product development, marketing, sales among others. 

Do you follow any best practices while doing this? In other words, what do you do to ensure customer facing teams have a seat in product roadmaps?

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I believe the key is to keep the learnings open and readily accessible to and from all your customer-facing teams. This can start by building a culture of transparency within the workplace.

Collaboration in the workplace

Support reps, account managers, and SDRs (Sales Development Representatives) can work together to identify bottlenecks faced by customers. Being the front-line of customer service, support reps have immense context about the types of issues customers face. Transparency about this first-hand knowledge about customers will help the company derive product insights and business ideas. 

Similarly, insights about how a prospect was identified, the deal was landed, and how the relationship was strengthened can help support agents find out what customers expect from them.

This will help unify conversations about KPI’s like transnational insights and service metrics, and work towards feeding back customer feedback into marketing, sales, product, support strategies

Tips from my company

  • Share the customer stories: My organization keeps this up by making detailed case studies about customer success and how the use-cases were solved. We also leverage Workplace by Facebook, so that all functions are in touch with each other and share their learnings from recent customer interactions (support and sales), appreciations and feedback.

  • Transparency within customer-facing teams: We use a dedicated slack group where representatives from every customer-facing team catch up when they have something to share. They also get on weekly calls with the product and solution teams to discuss opportunities and gaps that could be filled.

  • Support starts from the top: We firmly believe that customer support and success come from the top. It’s the culture of prioritizing customer issues that will take a company forward. So we a have a system where our C-level professionals, decision-makers, and product managers sit on customer-facing calls (if possible, even get involved in the process). Only when the top brass really understands how customers feel, they can identify better ways to serve them, learn where the loopholes are, build products/features that solve for their problem statements and improve the existing structures in the workplace.

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