login/sso URL when not logged into freshdesk redirects to normal login

We have SSO set up, and it is working correctly when someone hits the Login link from the freshdesk portal - the are redireced to the URL that we specified as the "Remote login URL".

We are using the "login/sso" URL from within our application when a user is logged in to bypass the freshdesk login page if they are already logged in.  This works when they are logged into our application and when they are also logged in to freshdesk.

However if they have logged out of freshdesk, the "login/sso" URL that we create takes them to the normal freshdesk login.  We have set up a check in our Remote login URL that if they are logged in, we just redirect to the freshdesk URL.  SO we know that link is not being hit.

When the user is logged into our application and the user is NOT logged into freshdesk we want the user to be redirected to the Remote login URL we specified in the freshdesk SSO setup, and not the normal freshdesk login page.  How can we do this?

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