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Apply multiple filters and get your results in a jiffy!

You all know that you can apply multiple filters and view a list of tickets that you want to get working on in Freshdesk. When you choose the first filter, it gets applied, fetches the results, and then lets you choose the second filter to be applied.

But hey, for super-fast working companies, saving milliseconds saves millions!

So we're planning to introduce a common Apply filter option. This will allow you to choose all the filters at once and then apply all the filters to fetch the respective tickets. So, it's multiple filters at one go. This enhancement will save time majorly and you don't have to wait to dig your numerous tickets.

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@Aravind I like this and think it's a great idea. Are there ever plans on added a "Resolved" date? Often times a customer will create a ticket and we need to find out when we resolved it. We'll search by the customer's name and adding "resolved by" would help so we don't have to filter through 1,000's of tickets.

@Aravind. Nice addition. Can you let us know in advance when this will be deployed to our instance, so we can let our agents know?

@Mike Hall, Glad that you like the change. I can see that adding 'Resolved by' in the filter is going to prove useful for you and your team. I have made a note of this and will see if we can include this as part of our roadmap. How often do you find the need to search using the 'Resolved' date? And is it something that happens during a specific scenario? For ex. The customer might be on the call with one of the agents referring to a recently solved ticket.

@Mike Francis, Thank you! We're starting development on this one and you can expect this to be rolled out soon. I'll make sure to drop a note here when we get closer to the launch date.


@Aravind S, It actually happens quite a bit. My agents also have a goal of tickets they need to resolve each day, so this would be another way for them to see them in real-time. We are on the Estate plan so I believe the agent report only updates once per hour. If they were able to save the filter (my resolved tickets today), they could quickly resort back to in real-time to ensure they hit their targets daily. Hopefully, that is something you can implement in the near future. 

@aravind, we too like the idea from Mike Hall, Sometimes you just want to specify which tickets where resolved/closed on a specific date or timerange.  Just like the "created" filter.

We are also looking forward to the Applying multiple filters product enhancement.  This would definitly save some time. 

Would this enhancement also tackle the AND/OR search with filters?

Exporting tickets based on "Last Updated" would also be a huge help as our customers are so interested in what was closed as much as they are interested in what is and has been getting worked on in the last week. So it is no help to query tickets opened, closed or resolved in the last week as this would exclude work on tickets that have been ongoing over longer periods of time.

Hi Aravind,

this will save time. But i would really like to have filters with a  "is/is not" function in tags for instance. I would like to see all tickets but NOT the ones with the tag "ABC" . Today i need to create a list with analytics as i cannot filter such tickets. Just an idea. 


Just to clarify, our customers are interested in all work that is being done over the course of a week, not just those tickets that were closed or resolved. Hence, Last Updated would be really helpful as an option. Thanks.

Hello Arvind,

Is there any plans for our agents to be able to save different filter views? Everyone seems to have 2 or 3 filter configurations that they use over and over again, if we could save and then recall these as needed, it would be useful.

Bob Edgar

Nevermind my last comment, i see this functionality exists



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