Simplified email activation and verification process

We've revamped the email activation and verification process to making it simpler for you. Once you've added your support email address to your Freshdesk account, we have a simple three-step verification process to set up email forwarding and activate the forwarding using an activation code. All of this happens in a single screen, eliminating the earlier process of accessing multiple modules inside Freshdesk. 

Here's how it works:

Step 1: Initiating activation from mailbox

Once you've added your email address inside Freshdesk, we generate a forwarding address that you would need to add to your mailbox. The mailbox sends an activation code to Freshdesk once you set up the forwarding address. 

Step 2: Verifying your Freshdesk account

When the activation code is received in Freshdesk, it is displayed automatically so you can copy the code and verify it in your mail box. Once you save the changes, the setup will be complete. To know more about this, click here.

Please let us know your feedback in the comments below.

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Since introduction of the new flow we have been unable to activate (i.e. verify) new support addresses.

The enhancement is welcome, but it is broken for our use-case - we use Google Groups for our support addresses, not GMail users.

This isn't working completely. I go through the process and get this Something went wrong error:


However, it does sent a woo hoo email to support email and does create a ticket. So what's wrong? When I close this screen my email entry isn't showing verified. I'm using exchange. 

BTW this was very frustrating to set up because you don't have a current article about it. And one related to Gmail doesn't match mine - using exchange.

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