Introducing Automations for Field Service Management!

Hello everyone!

We are excited to roll out Automations for Freshdesk Field Service Management. You can now setup rules to manage your service tasks and automatically execute certain actions based on your needs.

There are two types of rules you can create to manage service tasks.

Rules that run when service tasks are created:
Do you have high profile customers who immediately expect attention? You can automatically set priorities for their service tasks. Do you have teams dedicated to solving specific issues? You can automatically assign such issues to that specific group. Here's an example where all incoming tasks about cars that have broken down are automatically assigned to the "Tow Trucks" service group so they can go help customers.

Rules that run when service tasks are updated: 
Field technician updated the status of a service task or resolved a query? Keep the ticket in sync automatically with automation rules that run when service tasks are updated. Stop switching back and forth between tickets and service tasks to keep them in sync and let Freshdesk to the work.

Summary for rules:
Use the auto-generated summary of what each rules does to understand your automation rule's impact on your service tasks.

Monitor who edits rules and gauge its impact on your support: 
Find out how many tickets any rule was executed upon. In case automation rules are being modified, find out who made the modifications and when they were made easily.

Read this article to find out more about setting up automations for Freshdesk Field Service Management. Have feedback? Drop a comment below!

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