5 interesting updates to our Freshdesk Knowledge Base editor

In the last couple of weeks, we have been working on some interesting features that will help you and your team to create engaging knowledge base articles for your users.

Interlinking Articles

No more going back and forth between tabs to get the link of an article to be hyperlinked. With the new Interlinking article capability, you can quickly search for articles in your Knowledge Base (or choose from automatic suggestions) and even give it a quick read before adding them as links - all from the same screen.

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  • Easy navigation for users
  • Helps in boosting SEO
    • Establishes the structure of the portal
    • Increases link value
    • Builds relationship between content

Interlinking articles in Freshdesk Knowledge Base

Image Annotations

Start annotating images on your articles and make it more meaningful - both inline images and attachments. You can highlight a specific portion of an image or a screenshot, add arrows, circles, texts, and more to help customers know exactly what's being described. 

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Image annotation in Freshdesk Knowledge Base

Quick Insert Options

We have made it extremely easy for you to add images, videos, or the newly added callout cards into your articles on-the-go. The quick insert options will show up whenever you go to a new line in your article page and clicking on the plus icon on the left will open up the quick options.

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Quick insert in Freshdesk Knowledge Base

Table of Contents (TOC)

Make use of TOC while working on long-form articles such as user guides, how-tos, manuals, etc. The TOC feature will scan through the article and pick all the headings automatically to create it. You can even go ahead and share links to a specific section of the article by clicking on the headings which will generate a unique link.

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Table of Contents in Freshdesk Knowledge Base

Callout Cards

Highlight the most important point in your article by using the callout cards. You can use them to add Information, Idea, Note, Warning, or Tip. 

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Callout cards in Freshdesk Knowledge Base

Let us know your favorite feature among these in the comments below. 



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All of them are great! But the best features are the TOC and the Callout cards!!

All of these features seem great. The one we are least likely to use is the ToC because our users generally won't read that much. Is the only difference in the types of calling cards their color? And since only 3 types of the cards show up on Quick Insert, how do you insert one that isn't included in that menu (ie, warning or tip)? Thanks!

@Freshdesk/@melody King 

I was wondering about the same: "Is the only difference in the types of calling cards their color? And since only 3 types of the cards show up on Quick Insert, how do you insert one that isn't included in that menu (ie, warning or tip)? "

Thanks Sonia, Melody and Yvo, we are super excited to know that these features are useful. 

Melody and Yvo - On the callout cards, we have given the 3 options by default: Note (orange), Info (grey) and Idea (blue). However, if you need to change to warning (red) or success (green), you can follow the below steps:

  1. Insert one of the default callout cards
  2. Switch to the html code view
  3. You will see the <pre> tag for the card, change it as follows:

            From - <pre class="fd-callout fd-callout--note"> </pre> 

            To -      <pre class="fd-callout fd-callout--warning"> </pre> (or)

                         <pre class="fd-callout fd-callout--success"> </pre>

Let me know if it works and keep your valuable feedback coming!

Thank you for the feedback. So just to confirm, the only difference is the color?

I'm really surprised that your team did all the work to make such a great feature, but then made 2 of the 5 cards difficult to access (especially the red one, since that would likely be one of the most used). If I have to actually go in and code, it's unlikely I will ever use those two cards. 

Thanks Melody for sharing your feedback. Regarding the callout cards, the difference between them is color so that you can use them based on the required type. 

We just wanted to start with few color options to see how it is being used and at the same time wanted to keep the experience simpler. However, in your case, you have pointed out that the red callout card (warning) is what you may use extensively. We will come up with an easier way to add the other color callout cards.

The TOC functionality is very nice. However, is it possible for you to change it to not be in all CAPS? "Table of Contents" would be much nicer and fit in with the style that is typically used for other headings. If not, how about an option somewhere to rename this text?

Hey Bryan, thanks for sharing your feedback. Apparently, the placeholder text added for TOC is static and cannot be updated dynamically. However, we will check the feasibility and see whether we can follow some standard here. Thanks for bringing this up, appreciate it. 

Hello! Great to see that the ToC feature is being added :)

Is the feature rollout progressive across Freshdesk accounts? The announcement says "now" but the ToC button does not show up. Please could you indicate when the feature is meant to be live?

Hello! The ToC is a great addition! The online documentation says is it should be available, but it does not seem to be the case. May i ask if the rollout is progressive, or if it is meant to be released later?

Excellent set of features! Thanks a lot!

@Julien, I guess you have already reached out to support and your queries have been answered. 

Great to hear from your @Michel and super happy to know you love the features.

Great changes, love the TOC and callout cards too. It would be a really good and easy thing to do if you could set up a default font type and size for your articles. We would like to use Tahoma - size 16 but it currently defaults to Helvetica (I think) and size 13.

this looks great! is this coming to freshservice? if so when?

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