Ticket Details Page - UI Enhancements

To improve your Omnichannel experience we have enhanced the ticket details page and made a few changes to the agent interface. These changes will enable agents to do more with fewer clicks.


Enhancements to the Omnichannel experience :


1. Agents can use the ‘Reply via’ option to select the channel through which the reply should go out.

2. The ‘Source’ of every reply/note will be shown to identify and reply via the respective channel.

3. View ‘history of conversations’ across channels in the same ticket which gives better context on why and when the customer reached out and what information was provided by the agent.

4. Along with traditional channels like e-mail, chat, and voice, we are also looking to expand to new channels such as WhatsApp, Apple Business Chat and other custom sources.

5. The agents can find the preferred channel of the customer using AI. The system will show the most frequent channels via which the customer has reached out.


Enhancements for better readability :


1. Removal of non-essential space, improved page formatting and font play:

  • The ticket details page is made to be more responsive and scalable across resolutions.
  • We've made it easier on the eyes to follow the 'F' pattern to read and consume information.
  • The font size and weight are updated to ensure the content can be consumed faster.

2. Differentiating customer responses from agent responses:

  • The blue background used for indicating a customer’s response will be replaced with a plain white background. 
  • The agent responses will continue to be displayed with a grey background color. 
  • This improved contrast will help to differentiate between various replies in a ticket faster and improve readability.


3. Reducing redundancy of information and redesigning the apps pane:

  • Redundant information on the subject will be removed.
  • This helps de-clutter the page and agents can consume the content quicker.
  • The apps pane has been formatted and redesigned in order to complement with the whole layout.


  • Attached are a few screenshots that showcase the changes mentioned above.
  • The readability enhancements will be rolled out incrementally to all accounts.
  • The Omnichannel enhancements will be rolled out to accounts with the Omnichannel plan.
  • Write to us at support@freshdesk.com with your feedback as you explore the new interface.

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