Agents should be allowed to post public canned responses

I really need the feature wherein an agent can add canned responses visible to anyone. It's non-sensical that they're not allowed to do so.

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@Juan David David Nunez Hurtado,  This feature already exists.  And is managed in the Admin tab --> Roles -->  Admin: "Agent Can"   -->  "manage canned responses"


If you do not want every agent to add Canned responses.  Make a seperate Role with only this feature turned on.  and assign it as an "extra" role.

Hope this helps ;)

Hi Juan, 

I hope @Yvo was able to help you with your query here. Adding to this, yes an agent can add a canned response and will be able to make that particular canned response available for every other agent as well. 

In the above screenshot, the agents will be having a toggle to seletct to whom the canned response is made available for. 

Hope this clarifies.