Proactive spam filter for emails

We now have an advanced spam filter mechanism that proactively moves emails which resemble spam, to the spam tickets folder in Freshdesk. 

Once this feature is enabled, the system analyzes the pattern of the incoming emails based on certain conditions(sender email ID, IP address etc.), and move suspicious tickets to the spam folder. The system also learns from user feedback, i.e, if you mark a ticket as spam, similar tickets will automatically be marked spam in the future.

This will be rolled out in batches to all accounts over the next few weeks. Please leave a comment below if you want this enabled sooner on your account. 


  1. If you think that certain emails have been erroneously marked as spam, you can mark them as “Not spam” and the system will learn from your feedback. We would recommend you to moderate these tickets regularly to help the system improve. 

  2. In certain scenarios, we have noticed that spammers hit your Freshdesk instance with spam by sending emails to the default support address which is created during account creation which looks like If you think your helpdesk set up is being impacted due to this, please reach out to our support team, and we can enable a feature for you which prevents tickets getting created when emails are sent to the wildcard versions of your support email.

  3. These spam tickets will be deleted after 30 days if no activity is performed on them.

  4. The spam filter, by default, doesn't run on custom mailboxes. However, there is an option to switch it on for custom mailboxes as well. 

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Sounds good we are interested in trying this feature. We do get our share of spam tickets...

and how do we turn this 'feature' off ?  we do not want it - Google already handles spam filtering for us.

Please, add this functionality to our account.

Hi, we are still having A LOT of spam everyday on our Freshdesk even if we are using the SPAM feature all the time.  At least 60 per day easily.  This is a big problem for us because we are easily missing legitimate requests from our clients because they are lost in that spam flow.  

They are coming from foreign region / language so I don't understand why the system cannot detect it easily.

Here is a screen shot attached in my post, they are always looking the same for months.

What can we do other than looking for another helpdesk system?!?!?

Hi Jean-Pierre,

Sorry for the late response here. We've enabled the spam filter for your account. Could you observe the inflow for the next few days? Please write to us if you are still facing the same volume of spam.



Can you enable this functionality for our account as well?

Hi Vladimir and Michel, 

It's enabled on both your accounts as well. 

 I've been considering a lots of options for this. It is the same as, or similar to ?

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