Customer Deactivation

 I currently use Freshdesk sprout to manage a small help desk in a library.  Staff and Faculty, who are my contacts, move on or retire, but I want to keep their tickets for reference.  It would be nice if there was a way to just deactivate their account and keep the history.  Once an account is deactivated, it would also be nice to tag and filter the list of contacts for status or Company.

I have noticed a couple of other posts about this over the last six years.  This feature would be incredibly helpful!

Thank you so much.  I await a response from Freshworks.

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This would be very helpful as well. I’ve looked everywhere for the answer and no luck.

@Angie @Salinda -  Does this deactivation mean more of having them not log tickets anymore, but still keep a record of their existing tickets?

If so, I believe soft deletion of contacts might help. The future tickets from them will be sent to spam and the existing tickets stay in the helpdesk.

Can you clarify more, in case this might not be what you have in mind, please?


 Suprabha - yes, this is correct.  Soft deletion would possibly work, as long as their references don't go away!  =)

 Suprabha -

Soft deletion might work.  The thing is, I don't take email tickets.  They have to actually log in to submit a ticket.  I want to make them not able to log in, but to retain their history.

Any guidance on how to continue with a soft delete would be appreciated.

Also, any word on the sort feature?

Thank you!

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