Dual FreshDesk/FreshChat widget

I have FreshDesk and FreshChat. The chat widgets and help widgets are great, both have their pros and cons but I feel currently I cannot get the best out of either of them. 

If I use the FreshDesk widget:

This gives me access to:

- the knowledge base so customers can self serve.

- a contact form with Ticket Fields so my visitors can select a reason for contacting me.

- I can use automations to categorise the ticket.

If I use the FreshChat widget:

- I can again have a knowledge base (although it is called FAQs) so customers can self serve.

- I can have live chat during office hours

- Out of hours the FAQs can still be visible and any chats are converted into tickets.

- The problem is that I cannot insert a Ticket Field into the widget as I can with the FreshDesk widget, so converted tickets are not categorised.

A scenario I have considered, although it feels a bit messy, is to use the FreshChat widget during office hours and the FreshDesk widget during out of office hours. If a fully integrated widget cannot be developed maybe a switcher could?

I also find it odd that you have to sync FreshDesk KB with the FreshChat FAQs rather than just making the FreshDesk KB available to FreshChat.

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I also like this request as well. I was wondering if there is some way that a person could customize one of the Widgets to allow for the combination of both? Perhaps a customization to the Freshdesk widgets to allow for chat to appear as a bubble to contact us? 

I believe that the widget here, has a contact us bubble, it would be great if there is a way to have a live chat bubble that would then load the chat widget within the widget. I think that may create a way to have all contact methods in one place at least. Something like this:


I could then see adding a functionality to disable the chat when no one is online to answer the chats.

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