Contacts Import Does Not Complete or Shows 0/0 Imported - Solved

 Most other threads about this issue are closed, so i just wanted to post this to help out others.

I am new to Freshdesk, at this time still in the Trial, and am just in the Getting Started phase. I wanted to import my Companies and Contacts.  I was able to get the Companies imported but not the Contacts, and would not get email or anything leading me to the issue. I was on an 'Onboarding' call with Support today, and it was EASILY FIXED.  Seems that currently there has to be 10 or more tickets before you can import the time there was only 9 (mostly demo tickets provided by the trial).  Support added one more ticket and viola....Contacts imported without issue.

Support is supposed to post this somewhere so hopefully no-one else spends a whole  day trying to make this work. 



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Lonnie, Many thanks for bringing this up to our attention.

Sure, we are happy to update our knowledge base with this information so that all users can be made aware of this.