Making tags a required field

Does anyone know if you can make the tag field require an entry before you can close the ticket? It's not listed in the ticket fields and Admin/tags only shows me a count. Our staff tends to forget to fill in this field, so I'd like to make it required, fi possible. 

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@melody King,
I have requested this as an option as well, t.b.h. it should be a basic feature. But unfortunatly because it isn't , we have created a work around, but it is far from perfect. 

we created an observer rule, that if a tag isn't one from a prefilled list.  We add a note who closed the ticket, we send the agent who closed the ticket an email to please fill out a tag ( one from the prefilled list). And we add a tag  called  "no tag".  one of our admin's can then filter out the No-tag's  to do some last changes if necessary.

Hope this helps.

@yvo heinen

That's a great idea, will definitely give that a try! 

And then my next complaint will be about why the different sections of rules/automations named so unintuitively. :D

+1 to have this requirement implemented.

+1 to have this requirement implemented.


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