Why do contacts require a password when SSO is enabled?

 We're trying to give our customers a single identity in our customer portal.

We were able to link our test FreshDesk instance to our IdP and created a profile for contacts to login using SSO.


- The contacts still need to activate their account - which they already did for the IdP and does not make any sense

- When activating the account, they have to provide a password which nullifies the idea of SSO

Can the password requirement be removed - or even better the activation mail?

Thank you in advance,



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@Kurt - You sure could have the User activation email toggled off (Admin > Requester Notifications) and choose not to send the contact activation emails.That said, if the email address of this contact is a part of the SSO, there should no longer be a need for them to login to Freshdesk again.

Please write to us at support@freshdesk.com helping us with more details on this, such as screenshots or a screengrab and that should have our support team figure this out for you and help you set up what you have in mind.