Introducing Knowledge Base Analytics in Freshdesk

Hello everyone,

We're extremely delighted to launch Knowledge Base Analytics in Freshdesk. You can start making data-driven decisions to make your content strategy stronger and create an efficient and powerful self-service channel for your customers. 

With the curated knowledge base report, you can get an overview of your knowledge base, gain insights into your articles, and measure your team's performance. 


Get a complete overview of your knowledge base performance and analyze the trends to understand how your key metrics have changed. 

Article Insights

Keep your knowledge base articles relevant and up-to-date by making the necessary changes to the knowledge base with the help of article insights. 

Team Performance

Learn more about the top contributors to your knowledge base and you can go granular by tracking the activities performed by your team. 

Read this article to learn more about knowledge base analytics and how to get started with it. We will be coming up with more insights and reporting capabilities soon. We'd love to hear your feedback so please feel free to drop your comments here.

- Sajesh

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Can you export the article content/article lists now? 

Thanku so much for this. Its really helpful to us!

I am facing integration problems, please guide me

Thanku so much for this interesting post. It is very helpful to us. We can use it for our own purpose or for customers. Thanks again!

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Thank you so much for helping us, this information is very helpful for us.

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