403 Forbidden after submit a ticket.

After we submit a ticket, the following page had been pop out, kindly need your advice here.

3 people have this problem

Same issue clicking "Submit" for a new ticket from the customer portal.  Was notified by a user and then tested myself. 

(I just entered a support request with freshdesk)

I have also been experiencing this issue starting today. I can create tickets from the agent interface, but submitting new tickets from an end-user account redirects to the 403 error page and the submitted ticket data is not saved. 

Same problem here. Customers getting message:

We are sorry. You have been restricted from accessing this helpdesk page.

Creating new tickets by forwarding through email works, as do replies. 


@gs_chang @Brent @Erin, we can see that our support team has addressed this query for you via the tickets logged. Do feel free to write to us for further assistance and we would be happy to help.

@Evan, we have raised a ticket for you, please help us with the requested details so that we can sort this for you at the earliest! 

Cheers. :)