Cannot create support tickets Error 403: You are not authorized to access portal

Hello there. We are experiencing an issue where no one can seem to make a support ticket — "Error 403: You are not authorized to access portal" occurs. When researching the issue I found the following article:

But this can't be the fix. We have had thousands of users create tickets no problem until now using whatever email address they are signed up to our site with or otherwise. I have tried signing up with multiple different email addresses in both regular and secret sessions, clearing my cache completely etc, and other people have also tried; we are all in different locations. We all receive the same error. Is Freshdesk bugged or is there an issue with our portal? 

We would appreciate any and all help as currently, our customers are completely unable to raise tickets using our portal.

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Hi Alice,

We can see that our support team has addressed this query for you via a ticket logged. Do feel free to write to us for further assistance and we would be happy to help. Cheers!