How can I get a custom status text instead of an integer ?

Hello. We have created a few custom statuses, besides the standard ones.

When I query the ticket 403 with, say, https://support.etc/a/tickets/403 I get a number instead, as in:

  "cc_emails": [],

  "fwd_emails": [],


  "company_id": 77001042316,

  "status": 8,

  "subject": "some subject",


How do I find out at run-time what 8 means ? I cannot hardcode in my program a dictionary like 8 = blah-blah, because tomorrow a new custom status might be added, as in 11 = newblah-newblah....

So I would need to show in my program newblah-newblah instead of 11.

All I can find is this standard enum:


But what about the other, custom, values ? How can I list those ? There is no api like

How do I do that, please ?



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