Smart Filters for your Facebook comments

Businesses with an active Facebook handle know the hassles of identifying the right set of comments that need their attention amidst a lot of spam or irrelevant comments. If you have an active helpdesk integration with Facebook, it's even more frustrating to mark all of those unwanted comments as spam. 

With this latest enhancement in Freshdesk, you can choose to ignore comments that just have users tagged or comments with user tags followed by emojis or gifs (without actual texts) and create tickets with texts. This is applicable for page posts (posts created by the page) and ad posts.

We hope this enhancement would help you a great deal in saving you time from sifting through all the unrelated comments and help you focus on conversations that need your attention. Please let us know your feedback in the comments below.

1 Comment

Hey guys, this feature looks really neat, but wondering if it would override the option for "Only convert comments which have the following keywords"? The best use for us would be a scenario where we can use "Only convert comments which have the following keywords" and/or convert comments that mentions us. Hope that makes sense, thank you!

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