Using backspace to modify new email's description sends you to a previous page


I've been experiencing this for a while now, but today it happened so many times I finally got really frustrated with this.

I created a new email and typed a whole lot of content to the description. During this, I had used backspace several times and it worked normally, deleting the word or space I wanted. However, after finally getting to the ending part, I tried to modify my signature with backspace and the whole page disappeared, leaving me on the page I was before starting the new email!

Now, since Freshdesk doesn't save unsent new emails, I had to type the whole thing all over again. The exact same thing happened, and I had to open the new email editing view for the third time and start anew. This time, I edited the signature before typing the whole message again, just to be safe. Everything worked regularly, so I went ahead and typed in the message again. In my message, I used a bulletpoint listing slightly before the signature. Now, I wanted to add a short greeting after the bulletpoint list, before the signature. I happened to use thebackspace again for editing purposes and what do you know, the whole page got replaced with another page again, deleting all of my process.

Eventually I got my mail sent, but I've got to tell you, it took time and some discipline. Please find put what this bug is about and fix it, you'll save your users a lot of frustration and anger. To sum up, the description field was active while pressing the backspace key, and this resulted in getting a previous page on the browser. I use the newest version of Firefox.

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