Filter tickets with requester informations ?

Hello !

How can I get a ticket with requester information while using filters ?

Actually my request is :

string tagTest= "ola";

string apiPath = "/api/v2/search/tickets?query=\"tag:'" + tagTest + "'\"";

 So it works and I get all tickets info with the "ola" tag.

But I need also the requester infos for each tickets, so is it possible in anyway to get it ?

I tried something like :


string tagTest= "ola";

string apiPath = "/api/v2/search/tickets?query=\"tag:'" + tagTest + "'\"&include=requester";


(Adding &include=requester")

But I get an error "Invalid field".

The only solution I see is to send each tickets' ID I found from the first request to a second request with "include=requester" wich is not really conveniant in my opinion.

Help please ! :x

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