Dark Freshdesk Theme


If you’d like to have a dark customer portal, you don’t have to look for a specific Freshdesk theme. Any template from Breezy Themes can get dark with the branding service. Look at Rokoko’s Freshdesk portal that is based on the Frio theme and branded. 

Choose the most suitable layout, and we’ll do the branding for your Freshdesk support portal. You can also brand the theme on your own if you’re familiar with HTML and CSS. 

All Freshdesk templates from Breezy Themes have:

Breezy Themes is the only authorized Freshworks solution partner in Freshdesk theming and customization

Everyone promises high quality and 100% compatibility. Meanwhile, templates, branding, and customization services from Breezy Themes are officially recognized by Freshworks. 

Breezy Themes is an official Freshworks partner, which means that our services are recommended by Freshworks to their customers. So you can trust us with your support portal without having to worry about our knowledge, qualification, and expertise.

See what internal pages of the dark Freshdesk theme can look like:


Article page


'Submit a request' page


Internal page

Contact us to learn more about the Dark Freshdesk Theme and get a quote.

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