When customer REPLY with a different email address, another ticket is created

Most of my users have their company email forwarded to a gmail account... when the ticket is created via API is created with the company email, but when they answer usually they do it with the gmail account and the system doesn't recognize is answering to a ticket and created a new ticket.

Can this be fixed?



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Hi Sebastian,

In Freshdesk, Ticket ID and the Email is the main criteria for Tickets Reply to be added in conversation. Is there any chance that you can CC the User's Email while creating tickets and ensure that Users reply with the Ticket ID in the subject line ? This will ensure that replies are added to the same conversation.

Also, in a few weeks time, we will be implementing another system where this Ticket ID will not be a mandatory field internally a Message ID will be added to all tickets in hidden format and automatically replies from users will be mapped to this hidden field and added as conversation.

We hope to bring this out in a few weeks time.

Kind regards


Is this now in production?
We are still experiencing this problem - assuming it has not been implemented. I'll create a ticket.

this is very painfull, generally multiple people are on my customers email and they all interact, couldn't would simply look at the subject and look for the number after the # :  subject:......[#...]       and reuse this number instead of creating a ticket a new ticket ?

this is not going to fly.


I ran into this myself where a customer's email address they were using in Salesforce (which we have set up for SSO with Freshdesk) and their email didn't match. So when they opened a ticket through the Salesforce web tab it had one email address, we'd reply, and then they'd add a reply from their email client and it would spawn a new customer with the 2nd email address and it seemed to move the ticket over to that one. So now when they went back to the portal they couldn't see the ticket history because it was now under the email address they were using in their email client. Still with me? ;-)

Anyway, it was a bit of a mess because there's no way of merging customer records together. I had to manually move tickets from one email to the other, delete the extra email customer and then coach the customer through changing the email in Salesforce so it matched her email address in the email software so this would stop happening.

I confirm a fix is necessary.

The support team needs therefore to do several joins between tickets every day because of this.

It will be good to recognize is the same ticket! 



Hello everyone,

Thank you for being so active in our Forums and it's my bad that I couldn't get back to you much earlier. 

Apart from the hidden Message ID feature, we are also trying to implement a Merge Contacts functionality that should solve all your issues with multiple emails and a total ticket mess. 

This will take a little more than a month to be pushed out live. Please bear with us until then guys. Thank you for all your support and patience. 

Keep writing in our Forums! Your feedback is truly valuable for our growth. 



Hi Annapoorna,

Any news regarding this feature?

Best regards,


Vijay Shankar

said 11 months ago
We hope to bring this out in a few weeks time.


Annapoorna V

said 3 months ago
This will take a little more than a month to be pushed out live.
Hey Freshdesk! I got your bill. And I instructed my accounting department to push you out a check in a few weeks time. So it shouldn't take more than 10 or 11 months to get to you.

Anyone seeing this happen when you send a reply from Freshdesk the reply spawns a new ticket?

  1. Customer emails in creating a ticket.
  2. We reply using freshdesk
  3. The email that freshdesk sent spawns a new ticket.
We're doing 3 to 5 merges per issue because every-time we contact the customer USING freshdesk it makes a new ticket.




Hey Adam,

Can you please email us at support (at) freshdesk (dot) com jotting down the details of this issue, like sample ticket ids, so that I can troubleshoot this easier? 

Thank you for writing in our Forums. 


Sven, you are so right! If I were FreshDesk, I would be so embarrassed. Every thread you look at, Ana or Vijay are promising something in a month, and here we are a year later with nothing. Freshdesk, please step up your game.

This still happens after 2 years of reporting! Please fix.

Is the merge contacts feature at least available?