Variables in Password Reset Email and User Activation Email

Both mentioned templates have no upper-right corner link that allows you to add the system variables. Must be a bug as these templates support these kind of insertions.

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Hi Mario

We didnt give the Placeholders option in the Sign up and Password Reset mail on purpose. We thought, we will just put in some minimal information on these.But you may use the Placeholder values in these notifications as well. If this is an important requirement, we will surely bring in the Placeholder buttons :)




What are the placeholders for the URLs that go in these e-mails or is there a way to get back the default text - somehow my message text got deleted and now these e-mails are blank so I need to re-create them.

Attached is the content of all the Email notifications

It would be good to have the placeholder button for these email notifications

Agreed, with the others - a placeholder button for each of these email notifications would be very helpful and would still keep the UI simple.  

Thanks for your consideration,



Apologies for the pretty late reaction to the post. If you haven't noticed yet, we've the option to use the placeholders in these email notifications.