Freshdesk Support Portal Theme

This is a fully functional, Freshdesk's latest support portal theme. 

To use this theme

  1. Download the file
  2. Unzip this file.
  3. Copy and paste contents in the text files into the corresponding stylesheet and layout pages
  4. In portal customization > Color & Font section, change the base font and heading font to source sans pro.

You can view a live demo here. Please download to start using this theme.

(2.73 MB)
(53.7 KB)

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Guess what?  I tried following the instructions for installing this theme and it doesn't work.  The end result looks terrible.  Nothing is aligned properly and it looks like a complete mess.  I tried copying/re-copying the entire theme several times and it still looks horrible.  Complete waste of time.


Hi, what's the status of this theme?   Have issues been addressed, or has anyone had success using it? Thanks.

It appears that the header.txt file is broke on this. It doesn't appear at all like the demo. 

Is the theme working now? I tried clicking on the preview and the layout of the page looks crazy, nothing is alligned.

Where do I copy and past the installation script to get freshchat to work on my support page?  Currently it is not working at

Is there a reason the Freshchat would not be working for our site?

Thank you! 

HI Larry,

I tried your portal's search and it seems to be working fine. And Looks like You forgot to add " portal home page" to your theme.



Hi Nithin,

Try a few others.  What we found is that we had to go back into all our solutions and re-edit and re-save them.  THEN they auto-completed.  We haven't re-saved all of them yet, just a few.  Tell me about portal home page?

Hi Larry,

Please check now. 


Its definitely broken, since it references non-existent files such as these:

Please fix?

Hi Rob, 

Could you please try disabling your Single Sign on option temporarily to access your login page?  

Thank you

For some reason when I tried to use this theme, when a user was not logged in it would not show the login button or links.


How do we enable the chat to work in the Quick Question section? 

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