Notify (selected) agents and/or customers for new solution articles

When a new solution article is created to the system, it would be good if certain agents could be notified about the new article by email. This would make them aware about the permanent solution available easily. In addition to agents, also customers and even any email addresses could be notified.

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I actually think this a very good idea and i am surprised there is not more interest,  ie you could "subscribe"  customers to a category or folder

ie i would use it to notify customers on program changes

Absolutely! We were thinking of creating an activity stream so the agents can always check back to get a glimpse of all the creation/modification of the knowledge base articles. One other after thought around the same requirement is to introduce the follow (more like a subscribe) button which the agents can opt if they want to get notified about new or modified articles. However, we will add the requirement to our list and work on it based on the feasibility. 

Thanks and appreciate your patience!

Any  update on this?  Would really like to be able to automatically notify agents or groups when a solution is published.

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This would be very beneficial, I want Agents to see solutions as they are posted so they are aware of them and refer back to the Solutions database.

. You have spent time reconfiguring the appearance of your gui, but this feature request, to notify users of new solutions,  has not been addressed. Did your customers really request "mint" or was that an internal idea that overshadowed issues like this, features that your customers have actually requested? Is there some way to accomplish this now?  There was another solution posted  which required the user to use an RSS feed. But that is a bad solution because it puts a burden on the user to do one more thing.

Is there something I, as the administrator can do to either use an RSS feed and convert to an email or some other way so that my users do not need to do anything with new technology and they will simply receive an email or SMS text or some other notification, using technology they already use, to be notified when I add a solution to freshness?

In our portal we have public articles, articles that are open to logged in users, as well as articles that are only available to agents.  we would like to at least have the ability to notify all of our agents that a new article has been written.

hopefully there will be some sort of update on this, as I was told that there are BIG plans to overhaul the solutions pages?  (including stats)

any update or work-around for this functionality?

Bump. We could use a way to let customers subscribe to a topic, folder, or the entire Solutions portal to let them know if new articles (such as Release Notes) are available.

any movement on this topic?  my customers are requesting it as well. It looks like 7 years is a long time to wait.

Is there an update on this yet? We would love to have the 'subscribe to' option at the individual folder level in our knowledge base. Any ETA that you have for this feature?

Lots of people asking for this (originally on another thread too: How do we make it happen, Freshdesk? The core functionality is in place for solutions and notifications, the two need to be connected. A 7 year old RFE, this should be a thing by now, it makes so much sense!

We also need this functionality. Is there some other way to send change requests?

I'd love to have that too. I've opened up a ticket regarding this RFE on 27/Jul/2017 and we haven't this set yet.


Rafael da Costa

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