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When a customer sends us a support email it is actually sent to a distribution list which includes our freshdesk email and several other people. Often times one of the people on the distribution list will "reply to all" and send a response to everyone on the list, including freshdesk. As you can imagine this creates a new ticket for every response which is painful to maintain. Is there a way to identify certain people or domains that can be prevented from creating new tickets in Freshdesk? I would still like them to be able to respond / update a ticket by replying to the correct email. 

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Hi Mark,

Do you use Microsoft Exchange?  If so, what we do is have a support mailbox which our customer mails to (so we can keep an archive of all inbound emails from customers - just in case) - we then use hub transport rules that;

  1. Delivers mail to the support inbox
  2. Adds a BCC to the freshdesk email address
  3. Includes exclusions from subscription emails, internal emails and others

Works a treat and is worthwhile exploring :)



This can be avoided by creating a company record with the thirdparty's domain name. This would make sure that any new contacts from the company are added to the company record in Freshdesk. 

Whenever an email comes in to Freshdesk, threading would happen if the email sender is either the ticket requester or if he/she is a part of the same company in Freshdesk.


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