Solutions: "Tag" best practices?

What is the best way to use the "tag" field when creating solutions? Is it just used for searching or is there a (planned) way for customers to view articles within a certain keyword?

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It's not documented how tagging impacts search. If I use no tags, my documents are still found since FD searches the body text. So how does adding tags improve the search results?

Also how are the related articles created? What algorithm is used to determine that list? Can I influence what is included in this list?


Zach was asking about best practices.  I've been on the hunt for some advise from your teams about how best to tag an article so that when a user searches for an article, they get the results they need.  As well, Andrew N mentioned to me that tags also control related articles.  This is hugely important!  I'm chatting with an agent now to see if there is any documentation, but it sure would be nice to have a comprehensive document/article posted to the support page.



We use Tags extensively and associate them with issues or specific types of problems. Ex: "BApp-Display" tag would be applied to a ticket reporting a problem "DISPLAYing" a particular page or site in a "Broadcast" App. We then can generate ticket report summaries identifying the most-frequent issues to address in a particular app and prioritize development efforts.

We use a prefix for most tags so they are grouped alphabetically when updating tickets. We also screen-shot the tag-counts for a particular prefix group to prioritize.

It would be really nice if we could export or print a report of the Tag counts for a selected group instead of using the screen-shot!

Yes Zach

You can TAG the solutions with keywords for easily searching them


Any recent update here on functionality and the best practices for tags?


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