Attachments with "(" or ")" characters end up with truncated filename if sent via email

Hi guys,
We're finding that a file name such as
Dv ZZZ 2010 Logs (01-12-2012_11_45_25) for
is truncated down to
Dv ZZZ 2010
If the file is attached via email.

After trying out various attachments, the pattern seems to be the "(" or ")" characters cause filenames to be reduced to 10 characters and then a 3 character extension.
The file works fine when manually attached.

Do note the email was sent straight to and wasn't forwarded by any 3rd party email service.

Thanks for any assistance.

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Hi Guys

Sorry for the delay.

Already added to BUG list and we will fix this and update you


Any ideas when this will be fixed?

When we sent an attachment via email with the filename

AABB Fixed Hinge Holes & Adj Shelf Drilling.uts

it was renamed to:

AABB Fixed Hin.uts

Also the AABB Fixed Hin.uts file is not the same file as the file sizes have changed

Hi Robert, it sounds like the bracket problem I'm experience is really going to the next level.

I'm going to guess it cuts it off where it does because Hinge has ge in it, as in html code for greater than or equal to ">=" and then whatever freaks out when it sees "(" or ")" also freaks out for that.

I wonder if you change the name to get rid of the ge (and maybe even change Holes so there's no "le" in there either) if it would work.

Obviously not an acceptable solution but interesting.

I'd still really like to know when this issue will be fixed too.


We recently checked this behaviour and it looks like this issue doesn't occur anymore. In case if you're still facing a similar issue, please drop in your comment and we'll act upon it immediately.


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