The Freshservice Feature Roundup

  • 28 July 2022
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The Freshservice Feature Roundup
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Hey everyone!

Ready to get started with Day 1 of our Sysadmin Appreciation Celebrations?

First up, we have a Freshservice Feature Roundup where you can check out some quick demos and explanations of popular and helpful Freshservice features.

  1. Change management
    About 80% of IT issues happen due to poorly managed changes. This tutorial explains how to establish a change management process using Freshservice, that mitigates risk and slashes a chunk of IT expenses.                                                           
  2. Enterprise Service Management (ESM)
    Bridging silos and extending the benefits of ITSM to the lines of business | Freshservice Enterprise Service Management (ESM) is about transforming your business. Create superior user experiences across the enterprise, optimize IT productivity, and control costs to build business resilience in a changing world. 


  3. Supercharge your IT service desk with native ITOM features
    IT service requests are not necessarily disconnected from issues ITOps looks into. For effective IT Operations Management, agents need visibility into IT service requests. 
    Watch this demo to see how Freshservice accelerates incident resolution using the On-Call Management module. 


  4. Orchestration center
    As a modern organization scales, so does its software landscape. Automations that span multiple tools can become complex. Invoke actions in third-party apps right from Freshservice with the help of the Orchestration Center. 


  5. Contextual collaboration in projects
    Your IT agents can now seamlessly collaborate on their project tasks with context from the tool of their choice, either Slack or Freshservice. Messages sent on Slack get synced to Freshservice and vice versa thus providing the agents much-needed flexibility to have conversations, wherever they are. 


  6. Manage the unseen with SaaS management
    Did you know? About $3000 is spent on every employee for SaaS subscriptions? Wondering how to stay on top of all those subscriptions?💰💰
    It's time to #ManageTheUnseen with SaaS management! 


Bonus Revisit

Workflow of the Week (WoW) Series

This is one of the popular series that showcases all things workflow – use cases, enhancements, tips and tricks.

Here’s a compilation of all the sessions that are LIVE for your easy reference:

  • What are some of your favourite Freshservice features that have been very useful for you?

  • Which feature are you looking forward to using more?

  • Which feature/ workflow would you like to know more about?

Share it with us in the comments section!

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