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The Freshworks Community IT Awards

  • 29 July 2022
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The Freshworks Community IT Awards
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Happy SysAdmin Day to our IT heroes! 🥳

We’re truly grateful for the relentless work you do to enable us do better as our work. We know it gets tiring and challenging most times, but you always do your best and support us at all times!

This is yet another day for us to tell you that we’re very thankful for everything you do! 🤗

On this occasion, we wanted to recognise some of the members within the Freshworks Community who contribute greatly to build the IT Community to where it is right now – meaningful conversations, words of encouragement, timely support, innovative ideas, healthy debates, valuable information, active participation, cheering and uplifting one another and so much more.


Presenting to you the Freshworks Community IT Awards 2022! 



Category 1: The Olympian Award

Goes to @zachary.king for going above and beyond in supporting and contributing to the Freshworks Community

Category 2: The Visionary Award

Goes to @manns for being a Leading Voice for Service Management Practices in the Freshworks Community

Category 3: The MVP Award

Goes to @keefe.andrews for consistently creating value for the community with deep insights

Category 4: The Rising Star Award

Goes to @daniel.soderlund for being the emerging specialist in the community for valuable insights

Category 5: The Tip Your Hat Award

Goes to @mmccoy for jumping in to help fellow community members with unique solutions

Category 6: The Analytics Allstar Award

Goes to @BrynCYDEF for sharing creative solutions and sharing inputs on all things Analytics

Category 7: The Community Frontrunner Award

Goes to @raymondcanilao for sharing everyday operational learnings and solutions with the community

Congratulations to all our Winners! 

We are super happy and proud to have you a part of the community! There’s so much we learn from every one of you! So, thank you once again!

Happy SysAdmin Day!! 🥰

9 replies

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Wohoo!! Superb.. much deserved. 🎉🎊
Congrats @zachary.king@keefe.andrews@manns@daniel.soderlund @mmccoy @BrynCYDEF @raymondcanilao 
Happy SysAdmin Day!! And keep up sharing your valuable insights.

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Wow!!!! What an honor!!!! Thank you so much and congratulations to all the other MVPs recognized today! I also would like to lift up each and every community member for their participation. Whether that is in posting Ideas, asking questions, offering solutions, or generating engaging conversations! We appreciate all that you do.

Lastly, lets give a big round of applause 👏 to all of the Community Leaders, Organizers, Supporters, Makers, and all that oversee the Refresh Community behind the scenes!!! Keep up the great work!

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Happy SysAdmin Day to all our IT members on community! 👊🏼🎊

And a huge congratulations to @zachary.king @manns @keefe.andrews @daniel.soderlund@mmccoy @BrynCYDEF and @raymondcanilao. Thank you for all the support, encouragement, insights and being our biggest cheerleaders in building our Community - we couldn’t have done it without you! 🎉


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Congratulations to all the award winners. You all have been exceptional here and thank you so much for all your contributions. We hope you continue supporting us in building a truly global community. <3

And ​​​​@zachary.king - staying true to your second name! 👑

Special congratulations, Olympian!

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@manns always a delight to see you speak.

Or type.

The amount of knowledge you’ve shared with our community is unparalleled! Thank you for your contributions. :)

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@vishnu.selvaraj thank you for the kind words. Like everyone else, I know what I know thanks to the generous sharing by others.

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Oh wow thank you, I wasn’t expecting this. 
I'm always grateful to be able to help out when I can.

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Congratulations to all the 2022 winners and my respect goes out to all the SysAdmins that are keeping their colleagues and organizations running 24x7x365 :)

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Congratulations to all my fellow winners!  And thank you so much for the Analytics All-Star Award!  I am very flattered to have been included with such illustrious contributors!  😄

This community has really been a lovely space to share learning and I have greatly benefited from it myself and so was very happy to be able to pay it forward and back!  I share @zachary.king feeling that we are here to share knowledge and lift each other up!