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The IT Trivia & Networking Zone | June 28 | 11 am ET/ 8 AM PT

  • 28 July 2022
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The IT Trivia & Networking Zone | June 28 | 11 am ET/ 8 AM PT
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Hey hey!

We’re not done!

The Day 1 finale  is going to be fun and engaging! We have combined two of our favourites - Trivia & Networking into one and we’re super excited for it! 

Make sure to grab your beverages and snack and join us on July 28 (which is today), 8 AM (PT)/ 11 AM (ET) for an exciting quiz followed by a grand opportunity to network with your peers!


Are you ready?

Trivia Time!

How well do you know Freshservice? 

We did a similar quiz, but virtually with our Freshservice Ninjas, and we thought we’d try it out today with our IT community.

How to participate in this quiz?

  • Unlock your quiz score and title

  • Share it with the community in the comments section below!

Networking Zone!

Have you taken up the quiz yet? 🤔

Next up, we move on to some Networking with your peers! 

Scan the below QR code below or CLICK HERE to start networking!


Let’s build some meaningful connections! 🤝🏼

3 replies

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A 7/10 on the quiz?! I must be slippin’ 🤣 at least I passed, it’s like I’m back in high school lol!

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That’s amazing, @zachary.king😁 Happy SysAdmin Day!!

@Warden Brown @sucoyle @mmccoy @Johan L @JiriGrohmann @adityatawade @prernamahadik @raymondcanilao @vishalnc @sathishsnr @BrynCYDEF @MartinDG @Alefre @GlennA @patricksawyer @ggallaway @daniel.soderlund @mark.uther @i.cameron @foxcubmama @Hugh Adams @keefe.andrews @mbauman @Sophie Murgatroyd @gkperikles @Denise.S.P @vijay_2am @ekrasner @Stratto @Vishal Nema @ramsundar.radhakrishnan @prats @annapoorna.venketaraman @Isaac Thomas @rhea.desouza @Anusha @radhika.narayanan @vishnu.selvaraj - Have you taken the quiz yet? 😃

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Same here 7/10