Voice of our Sysadmins

  • 29 July 2022
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Voice of our Sysadmins
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Welcome to Day 2 of the celebrations and today’s going to be all about stories and expressing gratitude!

I love stories and the beauty is, everyone has got a story which is very unique and special to them.

It’s time to hear it from y’all – everything you’d like to share with the community about being a system administrator – your highs, lows, opportunities, memorable moments, journey and learnings.

Here’s what @zachary.king and @keefe.andrews had to share with us!


We can’t wait to hear all your stories! 🤗


Send a note of glee to your Sysadmins! 💜

2 replies

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Thank you @rashmi.nag ! @keefe.andrews is a RockStar!!! Any advice from him I take to heart! A big High Five 🖐️ to all the System Administrators. Today is all about you! Keep up the great work, don’t be afraid to tackle those difficult problems, and remember to always advocate for your peers and the work they do as you continue to support them.

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Thank you @zachary.king for those kind words to all the Sysadmins. You inspire a lot of them and we’re very happy people like you and @keefe.andrews sharing your experience and learnings with the community!