[JOIN IN] Hang Out with Hot Chocolate: Managing Customer Service During the Holidays ☕

  • 1 December 2021
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[JOIN IN] Hang Out with Hot Chocolate: Managing Customer Service During the Holidays ☕

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79 replies

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Last question for today! This one is @manns favorite question.  

Q6.  How can teams/individuals best take advantage of a holiday “lull” - the proverbial calm before the storm. (Tag, @manns when you answer this particular question, he’s looking forward to your responses)

if you are answering this question Q6, start your answer with A6 and use the quote the option

A6. My reason for throwing this one in is that I’m a believer in “work expanding to fit the time.” So, while we can focus planning on when workloads go through the roof, there will also be times when we can spend time on improvements (or simply planning for the rushes). This might be undertaking training, creating new knowledge articles for (new) CS staff, testing escalation paths, improving self-help capabilities, or other investments that will help individuals, operations, and customer outcomes. The important thing is to try to carve out the time to do these things in the “lulls” even when we seem busy. Even if it means saying “no” to less important work or finding ways to get that work done more quickly (or elsewhere) such that the improvement investment can then pay dividends going forward. Especially during the holiday rush!

I am new to this topic.


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This is my first time joining.  What do I need to do?

Hi Lea, as I prompt each question you can answer it. You can also engage with others who post their answers to keep the conversation flowing. 

Welcome to our coffee chat. Super excited to have you onboard.