Training and onboarding new agents

  • 20 July 2020
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Hiring and training new agents is an essential process everywhere. Here are questions that we discussed and we've attached a PDF that has all the suggestions and processes our community members suggest when it comes to training and onboarding newbies. 

Q1. What are some things you do to make newbies feel comfortable? If you are a remote company, what do you do differently? 

Q2. How do you train them on your product/service, support best practices, tools, and company culture?

Q3. How do you train newbies on soft skills like communication, empathy, and clarity, to name a few?

Q4. Do you think a formal training program is necessary? Why/why not?

Q5. How do you measure the effectiveness of your training?

Q6. What are some qualities that you cannot train agents on (that you should probably look for while hiring)?

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