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  • 24 January 2023
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For some operations we record the processing times. We need these to be able to bill services correctly.

When the billing is analyzed and discussed with the customer, it would be extremely helpful to have more information. For reports, when you call up the underlying data, you have a very limited selection of ticket fields.
We would like to do an analysis with all other regular ticket properties as well. 

Currently you can only choose this:


1 reply

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Hi @Carola - Beuth Verlag 

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We understand that a few ticket properties are missing in the underlying data. However, I am afraid currently. It is not possible to include the missing properties on an account level. Our analytics module has been experiencing many changes over recent times, which helps the data drilling experience be more seamless for our customers. If there are any future updates down the line around this. We will be sure to inform you as well in our future releases

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