Showing Agents their time logged per day on the main screen

  • 9 August 2022
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Hi Everyone.  I can’t find an integration or option to do this anywhere.

My team bills customers via time, and they aim to clock up approx 4 hours a day of booked time to tickets.  Is there anything in Freshdesk that anyone knows that will show agents their total booked time by themselves across all tickets they’ve added time to today on the screen?



2 replies

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I like this idea! I’ve built reports in Analytics, but it would be very useful to have this as part of the Dashboard.

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@simmondsjon @mpanayides  Hi Jon and Matt


Great to have you here on the Freshworks Community. Thank you for your posts! With my limited knowledge, I believe this feature doesn’t exist as of today (and it sounds quite useful to have on the dashboard)


I’m tagging couple of our product experts who could throw light on this :)

@Aishvarya @jim.stephen